Center Leadership

Steven G. Brooks (Executive Director)

Steven G. Brooks is the Executive Director and Project Manager for the Florida Center for Prevention Research in the Institute of Science and Public Affairs at Florida State University. During the past nine years, he managed numerous social and health projects for the Florida Department of Health and Department of Children and Families, Office of Drug Control and the U.S. Department of Education Office of Elementary and Secondary Education. He also currently serves as principal investigator on contracts and grants supporting Agency for Health Care Administration, Department of Juvenile Justice, and University of Miami. Prior to co-founding the Center, Mr. Brooks served as a career officer in the United States Army. He holds an MBA and MS in Instructional Systems Design degrees.

Richard L. Howell (Deputy Director)

Richard L. Howell is the Deputy Director for the Florida Center for Prevention Research (FCPR) in the Institute of Science and Public Affairs at Florida State University. During the past eight years, he has managed numerous social and health related projects involving the Florida Department of Health, Department of Children and Families and Florida State University. Prior to joining FCPR in 1999, Mr. Howell served as a career officer in the United States Army. He holds an MS in Marketing Communications.

Administrative / Office

Burns, Josh

Josh has spent two years with FCPR aiding in facilitation and coordination of operations such as the long-running Real Project, the FSU Men's Sexual Violence Workshop, NEFEC's Teen Norms campaign, and the Wakulla Teen Norms campaign. He is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry and is a Junior by classification. Josh is looking to the field of medicine as his future, and hopes to engage himself in biomedical/regenerative medicine research before establishing practice

Howell, Lee

Lee began working at FCPR in the summer of 2002 as a student assistant. In 2004, upon receiving his BA from FSU (Major in Anthropology / Minor in German), he became the Assistant Office Manager. His tasks include the handling of internal and external travel reimbursements, the ordering of goods and services, property inventory, SPSS data analysis, digital media manipulation, technical support and other duties as needed.

Leon, Cassandra


Project Manager

Bowermeister, Thomas A

Tommy Bowermeister, MSED, MSNS, MAS, has been involved in managing projects for many years.

He has worked in the Aerospace Industry for over 30 years and recently served as the program developer in a FL Department of Education project to identify gaps between the aerospace industry’s needs and FL aerospace graduate’s knowledge and skills. He also assisted with a 2003 project to identify the impact of the 9/11 attack and the Columbia Space Shuttle tragedy on Florida’s aviation and aerospace industries. He assisted Dr. Waters in the certification training program for Florida’s funeral home and cemetery auditors. He was the 2005 project manager responsible for providing the FL State Working Group on Domestic Preparedness Training Committee with recommendations for creating a state-wide information system that will track all-hazard response personnel readiness. He is currently managing the FL Agency for Health Care Administration’s Medicaid Reform Information, Training and Evaluation Program.

Manasa, Ronald N


McDaniel, William W


Waters, Dr Mae

Mae Waters, PhD, CHES, has been in the prevention field for many years.

She has worked in the Health Education field at the Department of Education, served as a program developer for a Bell South grant in coordination with the National School Health Education Association in Washington, served as the Education and Community Partnership units within the " Governor's Tobacco Program", which later was transferred to the Department of Health. Currently, she serves as a researcher/field evaluator for the Florida State University "Center of Prevention Research" in the University of Miami county projects in District 2 and 3, the Red Ribbon Certification project, the State Incentive Grants project with county coalitions, the Panhandle Area Education Consortium underage drinking project as well as serving as a program developer in the Department of Financial Services project which trains and certifies state inspectors for funeral and cemeteries.

Researcher and Project Coordinator

Helzer, Dr Scott C

In addition to serving as the primary project manager for FL CURED, he is currently the Director of Certification for the MediRITE Choice Counselor Certification Program. He is also active in the Florida Center for Advanced Aerospace Propulsion, where his responsibilities include writing grants, strategic planning / visioning and course developer. Dr. Helzer has an engineering background and a PhD from Texas A&M University, with over 20 years of education and experience in research and demonstration programs that have resulted from academic and government partnerships. His background in statistics and research design has enabled him to work with many large organizations to assess issues facing those organizations. Dr. Helzer also has been active in commercialization of emerging research since coming to Florida in 1999. His experience in managing budgets and staff in a team environment will serve the goals of FL CURED well.

Nowakowski, Xan

Xan Nowakowski conducts research in support of FL CURED and other FSU Division of Health Affairs initiatives. She previously worked on the NJ Safe Schools Program, an occupational health project based at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ), as a researcher and workshop instructor. Xan has also conducted independent research on pain management in health systems, and assisted with a variety of other research projects through the UMDNJ Office of Public Health Practice. She also served for two years on UMDNJ's Institutional Review Board as a reviewer of new and continuing human subjects research in medicine and public health. Since 2006, Xan has worked as a private consultant in the health care and policy fields. Her other past ventures include policy-related work in the government and nonprofit sectors. She currently holds a BA in Political Science from Columbia University and a MPH from UMDNJ, and looks forward to pursuing a PhD in health services research.

Roberts, Kathleen


Technology Service

Bowermeister, Jason T


Johnson, Danna

Danna is the I.T. Coordinator for FCPR, and began her employment in September 2002. She leads the creative development team in all aspects of web site development including project management, web page and web site design, graphic design, database design and administration, and online survey design and analysis.

Tabtimtong, Nilubon

Nilubon served as a government employee in the Department of Non-Formal Education in Thailand for 15 years. In 2003, she resigned from her career in Thailand and relocated in the United States where her husband resides. In 2003, she enrolled in a Web Design Services Program at the Lively Technical Center. While attending Lively Technical Center, she started her career with the FCPR in 2004. She was promoted to an Application developer/Designer in 2008. Nilubon holds a Master degree in Non Formal Education from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand.